RadFem Writing Competition

Calling all feminist writers – whether aspiring, established or just curious about throwing words and ideas around the world…

Northern Radfem Network in conjunction with Vulvology are very pleased to launch a women only, radical feminist short story competition!

The criteria are as follows – submissions can run to 3000 words, they have to feature
relevant radfem content and they must be fictional. Other than that, the rules are up to you! Any format, any genre or blends thereof and any and all thoughts, expressions and explorations of the issues most important to YOU. We all spend so much time and energy writing miles of political commentary that a break into creativity seems timely, especially as our ranks are growing daily, and we want to know what’s happening inside your gorgeous brains. There’s a rich herstory of the women’s movement to draw on, any number of campaigns, causes, passions and infinite speculations on the future of feminism. What would a post feminism world look like? How can we achieve it? What are the most beautiful or nightmarish scenarios you can imagine? Any visions, musings or wishes you want to write about are fair game.

Your stories will go to a panel of judges, introduced below, composed of writers, teachers, fiction enthusiasts and all radical feminists. Entries will be anonymised until after judging, and there’s an option to enter under your online handles if you’d like to remain anonymous throughout.

The deadline for submissions is March 1st and winners will be announced on March 8th, as befits International Women’s Day.

The first prize is a weekend Vulvology ticket

2nd and 3rd runner up prizes are exciting Northern Radfem Network merch to wear and go forth into the world to start conversations with. If this takes off like we’re hoping it will, we’re aiming to publish these stories in an anthology of your works!

Everyone ready? Sharpen your quills, break open your laptops, down a shot of absinthe and get those creative juices gushing. We can’t WAIT to see what you’ve got!

Solidarity, sisters
Northern Radfem Network and Vulvology 2022

Meet the judges

Rebekah Wershbale

is a lesbian radfem activist and sometime events manager who occasionally forays into writing philosophical feminist science fiction, exploring themes of time manipulation, surrogacy, transhumanism and hopeless romance. It hasn’t made her rich yet but she knows a good sentence when she sees one. She averages 4 books a week and promises this competition isn’t just a way to get free reading material. Her fictional interests are dystopia, madness, victory against impossible odds and as many lezzers as you can fit on a page. So, much like her real life really.

Jo Bartosch

is a widely published journalist with words in some of the UK’s most prestigious publications. She came to journalism through radical feminist campaigning and has a background in grassroots activism. She’s a wild card judge who doesn’t have a favourite fiction genre, so here’s a chance to win her over with some dazzling prose.

Kitty Redmond

is a lecturer in cultural theory. She’s a bit of a cultural theory nerd, a bit of a pop culture nerd, a lover of socialist feminist fiction and a belligerent optimist. “If the culture is the sum of the stories we tell about ourselves, let’s tell some brilliant stories”

Becca Smith

trained in Fine Art Painting at Manchester School of Art followed by a Professional Graduate Diploma in Teaching from Bolton University. She uses printmaking and painting processes in her work, delving into mysticism, the representations and
practices of Witchcraft in Britain and death ceremonies along with claustrophobic social systems, Cold War game theory and ways to escape to nature. Engel’s Condition of the Working Classes of England is probably her biggest influence but she is always seeking more. Her fictional interests are science fiction and Victorian Gothic texts such as Elizabeth Gaskell’s Tales of Mystery and the Macabre and The Yellow Wallpaper.

Millie Margritte

Millie Margritte is a lesbian radical feminist, and lifelong avid consumer of the products of human imagination, especially art, music, poetry, prose and film. Having viewed literary analysis as a treasured hobby since school, her favourite genres include fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction and speculative philosophical stories, the weirder the better.

Northern Radfem are pleased to announce our competition winners!

It’s been incredibly hard choosing 3 stories, we’ve had such a fantastic response. Every entry has shone but our winners are:

1st place: Glass Dolls by Samantha Norman
2nd place: Shields of Glass by V.E Sykes
3rd place: The Kinder Sex by Margarita Rosenberg

We’ll follow up with a bigger announcement tomorrow, the judging process took a little longer than anticipated!

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the project, we’ll be in touch with you all to discuss publishing.