Dangerous Sex.

Courts of criminal law in the UK, are excusing men, or reducing their sentences, by blaming deceased women for demanding “rough sex” and BDSM sex games. 59 women in the UK have died, with dangerous sex being used by the male defendants as an excuse.

Books such as 50 Shades of Grey, Bondage Domination Sadism and Masochism (BDSM), and the pornography industry, have opened the floodgates to a tide of misogynistic, sexual abuse and dangerous sexual practices against women.

BDSM is extreme and brutal and goes way beyond “light bondage’ or “slap and tickle”. It glamourises and promotes sadistic violent sex such as; beating, suffocation, hanging, burning, drowning, rape, cutting, whipping, suspension, torture, strangulation, choking, bestiality, violent sex with visibly pregnant women, gang-rape and a myriad of other violent sexual practices, designed for humiliation, domination and submission of the masochist, at the hands of the sadist.

Supporters and practitioners of BDSM claim that consent has to be given, but do women really give consent to be murdered through violent sex? I think not. No woman would consent to their own murder.

These men are victim “blaming and shaming” their partners. They claim explicit “consent” was given by the woman for “rough sex” and that the sex (not him), went “too far”. The women are dead, so they cannot deny this.

What type of man would agree to commit acts of violence and strangulation against a woman sexually? A sadistic misogynist, an abuser, that’s what type of man.

A none-abusive man would refuse to participate in these practices, if in fact they indeed were requested by a masochistic woman, in the first place. If it were the case that these women had requested such dangerous sex, every one of them could have refused they could have said “No”. These men attempt to portray themselves as the victims, which is a classic abuser trick.

I think that BDSM, misogyny and domestic violence are inextricably linked. Many of the men prosecuted, had domestic violence and abuse levelled at them prior to murder. Some were even convicted of domestic violence offences, against their victim.

How many men have died as a result of women killing them with these types of dangerous sexual practices. That’s right, none.

Dangerous sex has now become culturally mainstream in the UK. This is in part due to the pornography industry normalising it and therefore desensitising the adults and children who watch it. The demand for such pornography is huge.

Heterosexual and bisexual women in the UK report increasingly, that they have been asked to and are expected to participate and consent to practices such as choking, (a domestic violence Red Flag), anal sex, spitting and “spanking” (assault by beating), as part of “normal” sex, by their male partners.

Children are also watching pornography, either accidentally or deliberately on their devises. The boys are learning to brutalise women sexually and the girls to be passive and submissive to such requests for dangerous sexual practices.

Teen Vogue recently published an article targeted at young teen-age girls on “Breath Play” (strangulation) and how to do it safely. A recent article featured anal sex.

Girls are being taught, therefore, to ignore the Red Flags to sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Dangerous sex includes many BDSM practices, so called “rough sex”, strangulation, anal sex and beating. It is promoted by the pornography industry and it serves men. Women and children are the victims of these increasing sexual abuses.

Dangerous sex and how it impacts its victims, needs more mainstream recognition and challenges made of it, rather than blind acceptance, or attempts to ignore it. It is proliferating, not going away.

The multi-million pound pornography industry needs serious regulation. Pornography also needs recognisingas highly addictive and a serious risk to public health. It needed addressing in mainstream politics.

And men. Men need to check their levels of deviancy if they find dangerous sex arousing, their disrespectful attitudes towards women, decency and expectations of women.

Sex, dangerous or otherwise, is not a human right.

Written by: Belstaffie