Marion Millar Rally – July 2021

I travelled up to Glasgow with 2 other sisters from West Yorkshire. We had arranged a hotel where several of us could stay together for the whole shopping trip!

We had an enjoyable, and noisy evening  but made sure that we were all tucked up nice and early for the big day ahead.

The hotel was a blur of green, white and purple, hateful haberdashery flowing through the corridors!

We finally managed to arrange our giddy selves and set off for Glasgow Green.

By the time we arrived, things were almost ready for the off. The very capable sisters of ForWomenScot had set up stall and transformed the Arch at the entry to this lovely park.. Women were everywhere, beaming, shining, some sweating it must be said because it was VERY hot!

The Green was indeed a sea of flags, placards and banners; and recognisable faces peeking through them.

The speeches began. There was a common thread running through the speeches, ANGER! Palpable, growing, uncontrollable fury. As speaker after speaker said, we should be angry. Women were being criminalised for knowing biology!

We all knew why we were there, for whom we were there. The woman herself spoke, almost apologetic for taking our time. Marion Millar is the victim this time, but we are all Marion as the speakers pointed out. We have to stop this now. What is being done to this woman is unforgivable. Dragging her through the courts, slowly, for liking tweets.

Strong confident women spoke one after the other, WOMEN WON’T WHEESHT they ended their speeches with this same refrain.  The 300 hundred plus crowd roaring the refrain back. Yes, we were angry, we still are and have every right to be.  But as always when women gather, there was laughter and joy and real energy.

After all the women spoke, the mike was opened up to the audience, a poet, men who had made the journey in support.

Then it was time for the pub! And continued discussion, debate and planning.

It was a fabulous day. Energising even in 26°c heat!

The day did not end, the shopping continued throughout the day and into the night and I was so glad I was part of it!

All to be repeated next month when her case is heard. The 17th August, remember the date! I will be shopping in Glasgow that day too!

Written by: Julie F