Manchester Anti-VAWG March – July 2021

On Saturday 3rd July 2021, The Northern Radfem Network allied with the Manchester Feminist Network, Make More Noise and Yes Matters UK, to march in demonstration against male violence in all its forms.

At least 74 women in the UK, have been killed by men, so far in 2021, including Sarah Everard who was murdered on 3rd March 2021.

In the year ending March 2020, 58,856 cases of rape were recorded by police forces in England and Wales. Of these, only 2,102 actually led to prosecutions, compared with 3,043 in the previous 12 months.

And so, on a warm sunny afternoon, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and work colleagues converged at the Emmeline Pankhurst statue in Manchester. We wore green, white and violet in remembrance of our suffragette foremothers and to symbolise that the struggles of women are far from over.

We marched and sang in solidarity against femicide, rape, domestic violence, FGM, child marriage, sexual harassment, porn culture and the objectification and sexualisation of females of all colours, creeds, cultures, sexual orientation and religious or political beliefs.

The streets were thronging with people enjoying the sunshine, many of whom were eager to take leaflets expressing our concerns and to learn more about the local grassroots women’s organisations, such as ourselves, who are highlighting the plight of women in the 21st century.

Written by: Marie S