Lancaster Pride Protest 2019. We were stating that “lesbians don’t have penises”, in protest of trans women (men), who were/are still, trying to expand and appropriate the word “lesbian” to include themselves in it. This word means female homosexual and we will never let them have it.

Since 2014, organisations and powerful lobbying groups set up for LGBT people, such as Stonewall UK, LGBT umbrella organisations, GLAAD and LGBT Pride events et al, have increasingly neglected LGB needs, causes and interests. They have, during this time, increasingly served and promoted Trans Rights and transgenderism, at the expense of and instead of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Rights.

LGB are sexual orientations, whilst Trans is not a sexual orientation and is focused upon gender and gender identities. (Sex stereotypes).

In 2014, these groups started leaving the LGB community out in the cold and this has escalated over the years to what we have today. A voiceless, toothless and diminished LGB community and a flourishing, thriving and prosperous Trans community.

Lesbians in particular have fared very badly, due to having less power in society because of our sex and issues of sexism and our sexuality.

Lesbians are same sex attracted and female homosexuals. We are therefore exclusively attracted to women. Lesbians do not however base their sexual attraction on gender, because this is not based in material reality or innate.

Stonewall UK et al, in their promotion of Trans rights, seek to enforce “inclusivity” upon them, which would translate into forcing them to consider sexual relationships with ALL genders and sexualities and excluding no one from their dating-pools. To Lesbians and Gays, this would translate into the loss of their exclusive sexuality of being same-sex attracted. It is therefore impossible for them to achieve, as one’s sexuality is innate. It is also unapologetically homophobic and lesbophobic. It would render being lesbian and gay obsolete and require that they become bisexual. This is conversion therapy and is illegal in many countries.

As a result, lesbians in particular are being targeted and vilified and demonised by the LGBT community, because we are same-sex (not gender) attracted and are exclusive of men, even if they choose to identify as women based on their gender. As a result lesbians have been labelled “transphobic bigots” and Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminists (Terfs) and been shunned and turned into social pariahs by Trans Rights Activists. Transgenderism is therefore diametrically opposed to LGB rights and is a homophobic ideology.

Stonewall UK et al, who have huge influence and power, provide “education” in many, if not all of our major institutions, including the police service, the NHS, the Criminal Justice System, prisons, schools colleges and universities and by other service providers in the private sector. This input has become extremely biased towards the Trans community, Trans rights and teaches transgender ideology is more important a persons innate sexuality, presenting gender as more important than sexuality. This is funding led.

Stonewall UK have also come under attack for their promotion that anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman, regardless of their biology and therefore “some lesbians have penises”.

The “trans women are women” trope promoted by this leading LGBT advocacy group has undermined and tried to erode lesbian’s sexual boundaries and allowed, if not encouraged, Trans Identified Males (trans women), to try to coerce lesbians into accepting them as sexual partners, because these trans women, identify as lesbian women! The majority of trans women , are in fact heterosexual men, with a fetish for lesbians, yet they are being championed by Stonewall UK! They are trying to expand the bandwidth of womanhood. Any criticism of this has been met with accusations of “transphobia” by Stonewall UK and backed up by Pink News and the Guardian newspaper. This, of course has angered lesbians

In 2012 Planned Parenthood ran a conference called “Pleasure and Possibilities, which included a workshop on “Overcoming the cotton ceiling:Breaking Down Sexual Barriers For Queer Trans Women”. The term, “cotton ceiling”, is euphemistically used to describe the concerted efforts and practice of trans women trying to get beyond the underwear of lesbians. They employ coercive and gaslighting techniques and refer to their penises as “ladydicks” and “clits on sticks”, as a way to try to distance themselves from their maleness and the fact that based in material reality, they are still and always will be men. This is reprehensible and entirely shameful. It also lends itself to corrective rape, a weapon used by men to “fix” lesbians of their sexuality and a form of conversion therapy.

Stonewall UK have a lot to answer for and are a major component in the literal sexual harassment of lesbians, as they have not sought to challenge this behaviour, or indeed told trans women that what they are doing is immoral, homophobic and wrong. Instead they have lead everyone to blame the lesbians for their “transphobia” and not supported lesbians and their sexuality, which is naturally exclusive.

Gay men have not had pressure heaped upon them by the LGBT community to have sexual relations with trans men, neither have they been labelled “transphobic bigots” or TERFs, or been shunned and treated like social pariahs for being exclusive in their homosexuality. Gay men have not been systematically targeted by trans men either in concerted efforts to validate trans men’s gender identity.

Heterosexual men have also not been pressurised or coerced into being receptive to the sexual advances of trans women, or suffer the consequences of being shunned and cast out of their communities, for their exclusive opposite -sex attraction to women.

What has been happening to lesbians amounts to at the very least sexual harassment and a high probability of violations in their Human Rights, to be exclusively attracted to the same-sex, without interference, molestation, threats or intimidation by the LGBT community and trans women , with the blessing of Stonewall UK, Pink News and people who consider this to be progressive.

Stonewall UK today, are now, some 6 years later, fixated on promoting Trans rights and transgender ideology. As a result of this, they are extremely biased against Lesbians, because of their exclusive sexuality and refusal to accept that “some lesbians have penises”. This AThey are in fact homophobic and dangerous, in particular to lesbians, who cannot accept sexual inclusivity, because it is at odds with their innate sexual orientation, of being same sex attracted.

I’m a life-long lesbian and I came out aged 17 in the 1980s. I am an activist both online and in real life. I spent the summer of 2019, protesting a number of LGBT Pride events, with other lesbians and allies, from the national feminist group, ReSisters UK. These protests were to expose the treatment lesbians were experiencing because of being same-sex attracted at the hands of the LGBT community, with the knowledge and blessing from Stonewall UK and the progressive “woke” left.

We were protesting against LGBT alliances, Stonewall UK and the Pride events themselves which were becoming more hostile towards lesbians as they were becoming increasingly immersed in transgender ideology.

We protested for better lesbian visibility, against lesbian erasure and to raise awareness, that as lesbians, we were ONLY same- SEX attracted and NOT attracted to those who’s gender was identified as female. We protested that we were “Lesbian Not Queer” and that “Lesbians Don’t Have Penises”.

At these Pride events, our peaceful protests, were met with absolute contempt, aggression and hatred, by people that had attended the Pride events and in the main, these were trans allies, heterosexuals, who had taken to calling themselves “Queers”, in order to be considered “transgender” themselves and fit in with the narrative!

We were spat at, had our placards torn and were faced with baying mobs of Trans Rights Activists. They were full of hatred for us daring to assert ourselves and our sexual boundaries, that were being eroded by Stonewall, Trans Identified Males, Trans Rights Activists and the progressive “woke” left.

At the Lancaster Pride event, the 5 of use who were protesting, by an angry mob and were deliberately swamped by trans allies and Trans Rights Activists and obscured from being seen by trans flags. The police did nothing to keep these angry silencers away from us and we were forced to stop our peaceful protest, because of prolonged verbal abuse and the the intimidation by the sheer numbers of very hateful trans allies. We were surrounded by a sea of trans flags and a hysterical, hateful, “Trans Women Are Women” mantra chanting mob. The police had to escort us away, for our own safety. The organisers allowed and encouraged our peaceful protest to be terminated, drowned out and silenced at an LBGT Pride event, by trans allies, the majority of whom were heterosexual.

They were horrific experiences to witness and deal with and I won’t ever forget them.

Every LGBT Pride that we protested, we were shut-down and intimidated into silence by trans people, gay men, trans allies, Trans Rights Activists and even the organisers themselves. We had proved our point, that lesbians were not welcome, in this increasingly obvious men’s sexual rights movement.

At Lancaster Pride 2019, which was advertised as a family event, evidence of this men’s sexual rights movement were seen in terms of men parading around in fetish clothing and animal masks.

It was extremely disturbing to see a tent that had been set up for small children, as a “play” area, which was run by adult men wearing fetish clothing and animal masks calling themselves “Pups”. Children had been left there, unsupervised, by their parents, who considered it appropriate and suitable child-care. They obviously had very little knowledge about protecting their children from sexual abuse, or from grooming. Safeguarding concerns were reported to the police. They took no action. I took a photograph of this highly inappropriate set-up, which you can view below.

When Trans attached themselves to the LGB organisations, it became increasingly obvious that they came with a Trojan horse, of fetishists and kinksters, who were overwhelmingly heterosexual men. This is not what LGB stood for and not what Pride was supposed to represent. This fetishism and public displays of male paraphilias was nothing to do with sexual orientations or LGB civil rights. Our movement has been hijacked.

Over the last few years, these heterosexual, gay and bi men, with fetishes, have attended public LGBT Pride events, that are being promoted as family friendly, in fetish, BDSM clothing and wearing animal masks. This is not appropriate, but has been encouraged by the “sex positive” Trans contingent of the LGBT alliances and welcomed by organisers. In the photograph below children witness this kink at a “family friendly” LGBT Pride event, whether they want to consent to, it or not.

As well as being anti -Lesbian, these Pride events have increasingly become a public display of men’s sexual paraphilias and kink. This is being forced onto the LGB community, whether we like it or not.

Also hiding in the shadows of this Trojan horse, are the paedophiles, who have rebranded, calling themselves, Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs). They are already becoming accepted on social media by Twitter and I guarantee that they will be shuffling forward and they will start to assert themselves at LGBT Pride events in the UK. This is all evidence that Pride is becoming part of a men’s sexual rights movement , which is encouraged by Transgender ideology, “sex positivity” and transgenderism.

Radical Lesbian Feminists in particular, want absolutely nothing to do with this scene and what LGBT Pride has become and what it now represents. It is misogynistic and corrupting of the young and impressionable and is normalising of BDSM, kink and men’s fetishism.

Its certainly not a safe, or an appropriate environment for young people to be involved in. It is not about Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual civil rights anymore, it has been hijacked by men, straight, bi and gay and trans-formed into an expression of men’s sexual rights.

LGB Alliance UK, formed last year as a result of a LGB community in crisis, in the face of homophobic Transgenderism and Stonewall UKs inability and unwillingness to support or promote this community.

It is lesbian led and promises to give lesbians a prominent voice on policy making and implementation. They have been true to their word and I know lesbians that are involved in setting it up.

I have been advertising it, promoting it on social media, recruiting for it and encouraging my followers on Twitter and Facebook, to donate money, because lesbians in particular are desperate for a voice, support and a robust organisation to champion their needs, as no other exists.

Written by: Belstaffie