International Women’s Day 2021

On the 8th March 2021 it was International Women’s Day.  Its intention is to be a day to celebrate women (adult human females) in all of their glorious wonder. Women.

I’m a woman. I wanted to celebrate that day, but I couldn’t.

Every organisation that decided to express a celebratory ‘woo hoo, its International Women’s Day’ seemed to have to centre their show of wokeness to trans identified males, rather than celebrate natal born women.

In a day to celebrate my born sex, I am expected to make room for men.

In my feminism, I am expected to centre men.

If I don’t, according to the madness of this world right now, I am full of bigoted hatred.

I’m 51. I’ve been breaking down gender stereotypes from the minute that I was advised girls wear dresses, like playing with dolls and adore the colour pink. I don’t. Dresses are crap because they have no pockets and are hugely impractical. I hate dolls, but I did like playing with Action Men.  Pink? I’ll just state my preference for purple.

I mention my gender non-conformity because I truly welcome men breaking down gender stereotypes by performing femininity, if that is their wish. What I’m against is that performance being accepted widely as proof that they are in fact women. They are not. They are trans identified males.

Since leaving school at 15 I have worn a dress twice, wearing trousers or shorts by preference. Does that make me a man?

My hair has always been short, with at least one part, if not all of it, shaved off. Does that make me a man?

I’ve worn make-up maybe half a dozen times in 51 years. Does that make me a man?

No. Of course it doesn’t. To say that it does make me a man would be ridiculous. Yet here we are.

I would be fully OK with the trans ideology that is currently trendy, if there wasn’t the assertion that trans women are women and trans men are men. Why is it not trans women are trans women. Why not trans men are trans men.

Why does this ideology require such devious tactics? Why are the victims of trans identified males being forced to lie in open court by referring to their rapist or attacker as ‘she’?

Why are trans identified people NOT being proudly open as trans?

I truly don’t understand.

In the late 1980’s I came out as bisexual. I stood side by side with my lesbian and gay sisters and brothers to fight for our rights. We broke down misconceptions of us through conversation. Instead of pretending to be single if I was in a relationship with another woman, I could openly say, no, I’m with a woman. Talking about LGB issues and our lives openly and being openly gay is what helped break down the barriers and created a more tolerant society.

Homophobia still exists in our society. I’ve been a victim of it more times than I’ve worn dresses or make-up combined.  I don’t wish anyone to experience such ignorance and hatred combined in to a physical, verbal or psychological attack on them for being different. Not at all.

However, ALL of the homophobia I have suffered was at the hands of men.

As an adult human female, and since I was a very young adolescent human female, I have suffered abuse in all of its forms (sexual/physical/emotional), and ALL OF IT at the hands of males.

I’ve been attacked in my own home.

I’ve been attacked out in the streets, daytime and at night.

I am one of the women that are scared to walk the street on my own, day or night.

I am one of the women who are scared to have males come in to my home, unless I know them, which is awkward with so few female plumbers, electricians, builders and plasterers available.

Why, on International Women’s Day, can’t women like me (victims of male violence and aggression), and there are many of us, why do our needs and feelings not matter? Why can we NOT have a day to centre just ourselves, for just females, natal born women?

Why NOT??

Because men say we can’t.

International Women’s Day this year came at the same time that a woman in London, Sarah Everard, had gone missing, presumed dead, down in London. The chief suspect in her disappearance was a serving policeman.

Someone we would naturally chose to trust.

That is exactly the problem for women. We can’t actually tell which men are threats and which men are not.

We are further told that we are wrong to say that men who identify as women could pose a threat to us, by virtue of the fact that they identify as women. That such a position is a further sign of our TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) bigotry.

But, is it? Really??

According to statistics presented by Kate Coleman of Keep Prisons Single Sex, out of all the trans identified males that are currently housed within the male prison estate, 57% of them have at least one conviction of sexual assault. Over half of them!

We already know about trans identified males that are currently being housed in the female prison estate attacking women trapped in the same prison with them. In fact, there has very recently been a judicial review brought by a female inmate who has suffered such an attack at the hands of a trans identified male housed in the prison with her.

There are other examples where trans identified males have committed sexual assaults, rapes on female inmates and prison officers that they are housed with.

Many of the natal females that are in prison are in for non payment of fines, shop lifting, much lesser crimes than most male crime convictions. Many of them are also victims of domestic or sexual abuse. Many are in prison for crimes they may have been coerced in to committing by their abusive male partners.

Housing trans identified males with such women seems a very cruel and unusual punishment to me.

Forcing women to centre trans identified males in their day of celebration also seems a cruel and unusual punishment.

Forcing women to centre trans identified males in their feminism also seems a cruel and unusual punishment.

Forcing women to centre trans identified males in every aspect of their daily lives also seems a cruel and unusual punishment.

Why do my thoughts, fears and apprehensions about ALL of this from the point of view of being a natal woman not matter?

It’s time for change.

It’s time for action.

Written by: Literally Di