NRFN relocated North of the border again for a few days in September for a VERY important date. Poor Marion Millar was up in the Sheriffs Court for daring to tweet a photo of ribbons.

Anyway, up we went again to familiar ground now. Packing of course all our lady essentials for the trip!!!!! Hateful haberdashery, seditious stickers and garments with POCKETS!!!

We were staying very close to the court happily so after a short walk on Tuesday morning we arrived at the Sheriffs Court.

Women had already started arriving with banners, placards, lots of leaflets and creative garb!. The handmaidens of For Women Scotland had arrived of course, looking wonderful in their flowing red cloaks and demure white headdresses!

Witches had arrived and were still arriving, by various modes of transport. Also a few men were there.

When Marion and her legal team arrived (the Amazonian Joanna Cherry) huge cheers went up from the crowds thronging on the steps of the court.

Whilst they were inside seeing to the business, we were kept on track by stern Ms Belstaffie who apparently “rattled the windows” with her loudhailer. We shouted our support loudly and passionately. At the very front of the crowd was the row of handmaidens, and a witch! There must have been at least a couple of hundred people in the crowd!

Although it was a very serious occasion, with truly awful implications for Marion and her family, like all gatherings of the witches, good humoured and fun also!

Before too long Marion and the team came out. Marion was unable to talk to the crowd but a prepared statement was read on her behalf by a handmaid of For Women Scotland.

The case was adjourned as there were implications for Ms Millar’s human rights involved.

So the next hearing would just be for the legal teams to hear the case and Marion would bot need to be

So the punishment goes on! But the Scottish legal system, Nicola Sturgeon et al pay heed, we will continue this fight as long as it takes. We will NEVER abandon Marion Millar.

Written by: Julie F