Belstaffie’s speech – HMP Styal 29th January 2022

Hello. I’m Belstaffie. 

For twenty years I was employed by the the West Yorkshire Probation Service and I specialised in the assessment and risk management of male sexual offenders, both in custody and in the community. 

I worked with transsexual prisoners on the Vulnerable Prisoner Unit  at HMP Leeds, so I KNOW  that the male estate IS fit for purpose for these men. 

When I retired, I thought that my concerns with predatory male sexual offenders was over.  

That was until the MOJ introduced  “self identification” in women’s prisons for male prisoners. 

When I heard that CONVICTED  male prisoners with gender dysphoria and men with autogynephilia, (a male sexual fetish), were self Identifing as “women” and were being transferred to a female estate,  I thought it was a rather unfunny joke. 

When I realised that it wasn’t a joke…. I cried!     I cried A LOT! 

I cried because it was particularly shocking to me as sex offender specialist, knowing what I know about these dangerous men and their dangerous and harmful behaviours and the vulnerability of the women locked up in UK jails. 

80% of women at Hmp&YOI Styal are serving short custodial sentences in this establishment for non-violent, non-sexual, non-predatory offences, such as social security fraud , shoplifting and for not paying the family TV licence. 

Men’s offending on the other hand, whether they identify as women or not, is infinitely more serious and they present a far higher degree of serious harm. 

Self id puts the feelings of these convicted men, over the rights to safety and dignity of the women and teenage girls, who are incarcerated within the UK penal system,     or the UK PENILE SYSTEM, as  it has become. 

Please note that many female prisons are also Young Offenders Institutions like this one. They house teenage girls. 

Of concern, is the Category of convicted male prisoners  that are being transferred to Womens prisons. They are, in the main assessed as high risk of significant harm. 

Anyone that has assessed and managed male sexual offenders KNOW  that they are THE most manipulative prisoners in the system. They ARE professional manipulators and manipulate not only victims, but organisations and institutions.  It’s called “conditioning” and “grooming”. 

In the UK, people are sentenced to custodial sentences for four  reasons :

To PROTECT  the public. 

To PUNISH the offender by depriving them of their freedom  

To act As a DETERRENT  to other, similar  offenders. And

As rehabilitation. 

That is why they are REMOVED from society and incarcerated – away from their Ideal Victim Types like women and teenage girls, who are often the primary victims of these men AND their male pattern violence, that does not magically disappear as soon as they don feminine clothing, make-up and other feminine frippery . 

Any male prisoner can now “identify” as a woman, if HE should desire. Therefore ANY male prisoner has the right, under the MOJ policy to identify as a woman and should therefore be housed in the female estate. 

This has been happening for years across the Uk and men who claim to have a gender dysmorphia or are AUTOGYNEPHILES are being placed in women’s estates. 

As a retired Probation Officer, 

as a sexual offender specialist, 

as a woman and 

as a feminist I KNOW this is WHOLLY WRONG. 

Most people in the UK do not know this is happening. 

When I collected the “No Males In Female Jails”  banner last week banner from a local company in leeds, the owner tentatively asked about this policy of self id. 

I explained it to him. 

This working man and business owner was absolutely horrified, when the seriousness of placing male offenders in womens prisons  dawned on him. 

There will be more protests at wonen’s estates across the UK over the coming months, organised by a number of feminist groups in the UK. Please attend them, because if we don’t  stop this policy, who will? And if we don’t do it NOW, when will we do it!  

Women didn’t start this  madness, But we WILL conjure an    ALMIGHTY storm, on a NUMBER of fronts to stop this state sanctioned abuse of women and teenage girls in prison. 

Thank you for listening, thank you for your support for our female prisoners and THANK YOU for attending the first protest of this nature”.