IWD Walking Vigil Against Violence Against Women & Girls, 12th March 2022

International Women’s Day Walking Vigil Against Violence Against Women & Girls, Manchester 2022

On Saturday, March 12th 2022, in honour of International Women’s Day on March 8th, feminist groups from across the North of England gathered to raise loud, visible objections to male violence against women and girls worldwide. We met to hold a vigil, and to march through Manchester city centre to raise awareness of the brutal and ongoing war being waged against women. The event was organised by Manchester Feminist Network and was joined in solidarity by Northern Radfem Network, Women’s Rights Network and Yes Matters, who were present fundraising for their free services supporting victims of male violence.

Our action was marred by male incursion right from the outset with a man being physically removed from our starting point – the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst – by police for menacing a group of women before the rally had even gotten underway. This incident was shortly followed by another man interrupting our chants against male violence, this time shouting pro transgender slogans – which was somewhat baffling and irrelevant as our assembled contingent were present to neither discuss nor draw attention to transgender politics. Ours was a peaceful, woman centred action that had numerous mothers and their children in attendance. This point cannot be overstated in relation to the events that transpired as we finished our assemblage and set off marching.

The chants were largely led by well known and respected feminist activist Belstaffie. We chanted about rape, the harms of pornography and gave a mention to honour the memory of a relation of one of the women present who tragically lost her life to suicide following an act of male sexual violence. We stood in solidarity with every victim and survivor, and raised our voices to draw attention to the scourge of violence that women are subjected to every single day.

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The Battle of Macclesfield Pride

I love Macclesfield. I really do. I love her saucy undulating hills and her disarmingly eccentric markets. I love her controversially defunct football club, even if you couldn’t get a vegan black coffee at matches. If I were a neighbouring town I’d well be eyeing her up. Especially in Winter, she’s radiant in Winter. I once even applied for a job on the Macc Tourism Board, confident I’d get it because after all, no one loves Macclesfield like I do. Unfortunately my inability to competently operate Excel overshadowed my love that day, but that’s another story. Visit Macclesfield! You won’t regret it! I’ll even show you around, I know some excellent pubs.

On the whole, I’m quite sure that Macclesfield loves me back, but lately there’s been a schism in our relationship. It’s of course political in nature, as these relationship fractures often are when those in love grow up alongside one another. The agent of unrest in this story is the charity organisation ostensibly for ‘LGBTQ+’ people, Macclesfield Pride. Now, as a gobby local lesbian with boundless enthusiasm for being a gobby local lesbian, you might naively presume we’d get on. We’d have coffee mornings perhaps, or ale soaked speed dating events. It could be marvelous! Lesbians know how to party. Unfortunately, that’s not quite what’s happened. Let me talk you through a tale of doublethink, exclusionary inclusion and an acronym in which the L is silent.

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Manchester Anti-VAWG March – July 2021

On Saturday 3rd July 2021, The Northern Radfem Network allied with the Manchester Feminist Network, Make More Noise and Yes Matters UK, to march in demonstration against male violence in all its forms.

At least 74 women in the UK, have been killed by men, so far in 2021, including Sarah Everard who was murdered on 3rd March 2021.

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Lancaster Pride Protest 2019. We were stating that “lesbians don’t have penises”, in protest of trans women (men), who were/are still, trying to expand and appropriate the word “lesbian” to include themselves in it. This word means female homosexual and we will never let them have it.

Since 2014, organisations and powerful lobbying groups set up for LGBT people, such as Stonewall UK, LGBT umbrella organisations, GLAAD and LGBT Pride events et al, have increasingly neglected LGB needs, causes and interests. They have, during this time, increasingly served and promoted Trans Rights and transgenderism, at the expense of and instead of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Rights.

LGB are sexual orientations, whilst Trans is not a sexual orientation and is focused upon gender and gender identities. (Sex stereotypes).

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