NHS Gender Service CAN appeal puberty blockers ban

Dr Bell is right to call the Tavistock out as conversion therapy centre. Without encouraging the gender confused youth of this country to talk about all areas of their lives that are causing them harm or difficulties, we are creating assumed transgender children that might not actually be transgender at all, but actually be Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual.

For many people here in the UK, the Tavistock & Portman Gender Identity clinic was an unknown part of their highly regarded NHS Service.  They were most likely in a blissful state of unawareness that such services were now being made available to children as young as 10 years old.  Transition was no longer a treatment reserved entirely for fully developed and mature adults.  Keira Bell’s High Court judgement in December 2020 certainly achieved a new level of awareness, caused some conversations to happen, but it is clearly still not enough.

It staggers me that any sane or compassionate person or organisation would want to appeal the ruling made in the High Court to protect and safeguard vulnerable young people. For this pushback to be coming from the NHS is frankly terrifying.  What the f@ck happened to the Hippocratic Oath of ‘First do no harm’? Why is ‘Watchful waiting’ (a pause to give time to really understand all the implications of transition), and the direct opposite to the currently used ‘Affirmation model’ (This amounts to 100% agreement that the child is transgender – no other issues investigated), so much of a threat to a service that should wish for only positive outcomes?

Every time I see a clip of Keira Bell walking in to the High Court in one of these interviews, I am reminded of not just her bravery for talking so openly and honestly about her transition and subsequent detransition, but also of her age. 23. Her personal journey having started 9 years earlier, aged just 14 years old.

Let that sink in. 14.

At 14 years old, I too would have leapt at the chance of becoming a boy. At that age, male eyes would often no longer be engaged with my eyes when talking to me, but rather their eyes would be transfixed on my developing breasts. I found both girls and boys attractive, perhaps girls a little more than boys, but in the 1980’s that wasn’t something you could comfortably say out loud. I loved playing football, and although I was allowed to train with the boys, I certainly wasn’t allowed to play for the school team. I couldn’t have a paper round like my older brother simply because I was a girl, and as a girl my parents deemed it unsafe for me. Long before the physical changes to my body had started to happen through puberty, men had made me aware that my body was their property. Puberty just saw that unwanted attention increase and intensify.

In relation to Keira, there, but for the grace of God, go I.

Dr David Bell’s interview throws much more light on the bullying culture that seems to exist at the Tavistock & Portman clinic within the staff, management and upper hierarchy. This is the exact same bullying culture that can be seen to invade every institution or corporation captured by the Trans Ideology. That Dr Bell publishing his report on the Tavistock in 2018, was enough for him to face disciplinary action, when in reality, he was doing his duty by raising his safeguarding concerns, is all the evidence that should be needed of a bully culture.

In respect of the bullying culture at the Tavistock, the fact that the Chief Executive feels the need to make a public statement that “…those that raise criticisms against the trust have an unfortunate attitude to gender” speaks volumes about the depth of ideological capture they have suffered. How can there be a clinic run by the NHS that does NOT welcome concerns being raised by its own staff, regarding the care of the children and young people placed under their care?

It’s quite simple. The Transgender Ideology is NOT up for debate or challenge.

Dr Bell’s report highlighted all the same issues that the High Court gave in making their ruling. That children cannot possibly understand the consequences of the choices that they are making when looking to transition, that will most definitely, and perhaps more importantly, irreversibly impact on their future adulthood.Those impacts can include, but are not limited to, never experiencing an orgasm, vaginal atrophy (dryness), a loss of bone density, and so much more.

Dr Bell goes on to mention the notion that starting a child on puberty blockers was tantamount to putting them on a pathway to transition. A self-fulfilling prophecy as Dr Bell describes it. This again, falls completely in line with the views of the three High Court Judges that were responsible for Keira Bell’s ruling. It would be very difficult for a child to express a change of mind about gender confusion under the affirmation model. That admission will be increasingly more difficult the further along the pathway that the child progresses.

The Tavistock’s own investigative report regarding the efficacy of the treatments they prescribed for young people confused by their gender identity (a report that was oddly unavailable for the hearing, but then suddenly available for release immediately after the ruling), contained very little in the way of evidence to support that such treatments had any positive outcome for the young person at all. It is assumed that the fact that their own report didn’t support the arguments they were putting forward at the hearing, rather it supported Keira and Mrs A’s case, was the reason the report wasn’t available sooner.

Combined then, with the damning report as ‘inadequate’ from the CQC in January 2021, highlighting the poor treatment of patients and lack of record keeping, it begs the question what ‘new’ the Tavistock can be bringing to the table as their grounds for appeal? I guess, like everyone else, I’ll have to wait and see.

Given that Dr Bell himself, with 24 years experience at the Tavistock, could offer details of the numbers of children on the autistic spectrum (35-40%), the large numbers of children presenting with experience of major trauma, the large numbers of children coming from homes with serious family problems, and that there had been a shift that has seen a significantly larger number of female-to-male transitioner’s, should also be proof enough for the need for children to be challenged on their reasons for wishing to transition. Surely that need for the gentle challenging of children should fall in to the category of just plain, old fashioned, duty of care? Isn’t that how we establish what the actual problem that needs a treatment is, in order that we treat it effectively?

NOT so when it comes to the subject of transgender children it would appear? As I said previously, The Transgender Ideology is NOT up for debate or challenge.

When you consider the culture of bullying within the staff at the Tavistock, along with the ‘affirmation model’ of just concentrating on any issues regarding gender, you will inevitably end up in a world where you are transitioning girls that would likely grow up to be lesbian women and boys that would otherwise grow up to be gay men.

Dr Bell is right to call the Tavistock out as conversion therapy centre. Without encouraging the gender confused youth of this country to talk about all areas of their lives that are causing them harm or difficulties, we are creating assumed transgender children that might not actually be transgender at all, but actually be Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual.

Of course, the powerful transgender lobby groups, through intentional and strategic institutional capture of medicine, corporations, the media and Government, to the ideas of Gender Ideology, are way ahead of the curve on this, and the very questions that should be asked of our gender confused youth, the gentle probing that could potentially eliminate errors, has been labelled as conversion therapy of transgender children.

If we are truly asking for a world that is kind, fair and tolerant, why are the powerful lobby groups so heavily against medical practitioners asking questions that could ultimately lessen the chances that young people might make an irreversible decision, only to see it as a mistake for them when the irreversible damage has been done. Keira Bell is not the only young woman to detransition back to female, facing a lifetime of medical changes to her body, but she is definitely the most well known.

In all instances, where I am being asked to make a decision/choice about something I am unsure of, I refer back to this simple question. Who is asking for this and what do they have to gain from it? In answer to this, there are, in my humble or not opinion, at least three groups asking for this.

Group one: The lobby groups via the middle aged men with Autogynephilia (AGP), who are now included, by decree of these same powerful transgender lobby groups, under the LGBT umbrella (Autogynephilia is a fetish where a male gets sexual arousal and gratification from dressing as a woman). They are definitely the group that makes the most noise on social media platforms. They are also the group issuing death, rape and serious threats of violence to any woman brave enough to stand up for the sex-based rights of women and the absolute rights of children to safeguarding and protection.

Group two: The medical profession and drugs industry, who will undoubtedly be the biggest benefactors of all. Their role is much more by stealth. It would be their preferences that you simply believe that their gain is merely coincidental. When you follow the money of the lobby groups, it tells of a much heavier involvement from the medical industry than you might think, with some of the lobby group money originating from corporations directly involved in the medical industrial complex. (Jennifer Bilek covers this superbly well in her interview with Whose Body Is It)

Group three: The homophobic parents that would, it would seem, sooner medically transition their child, than have them grow up as lesbian, gay or bisexual. It breaks my heart that in this so called progressive age, homophobia is still such a massive problem. The homophobic parent is no invention, rather an observation by concerned Tavistock clinicians and others. Although this group has no ties to the money behind the transgender lobby groups, they are heavily targeted by them, as the parents belief in their own child being transgender, adds weight to the narrative that transgender children exist in the first place. If you watch Susie Green, of Mermaids Gender, give her TED Talk, she openly admits that her husband didn’t like their son playing with toys that were traditionally for girls. At 16 she took her son to Thailand and brought him home castrated because she, quite rightly, couldn’t get such a treatment, at such an age, here in the UK.

Why are we seemingly going along with this and allowing these powerful lobby groups to wield such influence and so easily capture these institutions and corporations, ultimately resulting in irreversible damage to innocent young children?

It’s quite simple. It’s Fear.

Not the fear we should have of doing irreversible harm to our gender confused youth.

More, the 21st century global pandemic of fear that has spread throughout the western world’s population, whereby people are more concerned with any damage to their reputation/how they are perceived by others in their personal lives, that they will pretty much go along with anything publicly, in order to still be considered a cool, good, kind, compassionate, tolerant human being.

I am no such person. I give not one damn if I’m popular or not. I care not for your opinion of me, as that is none of my business. I care enormously about truth. I care enormously about integrity. I care enormously about the wellbeing of our youth. One thing that stands out from the interviews I’ve watched of Keira Bell is the lies and deceit banded around to legitimise the need for children to transition. The lies that, thankfully, Keira herself eventually recognised that went on to lead her to detransition.

Human beings cannot change sex.

In the words of our dearly missed feminist influencer, Magdalen Berns, I’d rather be rude than a f@cking liar.

Written by: Literally Di