Belstaffie’s speech – HMP Styal 26th February 2022

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Hello. I’m Belstaffie. 

For twenty years I was employed by the West Yorkshire Probation Service and I specialised in the assessment and risk management of male sexual offenders, both in custody and in the community. I also conducted a number of reports and assessments at women’s prisons in the north of the UK. 

When I retired, I thought that my concerns with public protection, safeguarding and the management of predatory and dangerous male offenders was over.  

That was until the Ministry of Justice introduced  a policy of “self identification” in UK prisons, for male prisoners with gender dysmorphia, autogynephilia or who claimed “transgender” status. 

When I learned that male inmates who “identified as “women””,  were to be imprisoned in jails that reflected their  chosen “gender ‘, not sex, I became extremely alarmed.

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Belstaffie’s speech – HMP Styal 29th January 2022

Hello. I’m Belstaffie. 

For twenty years I was employed by the the West Yorkshire Probation Service and I specialised in the assessment and risk management of male sexual offenders, both in custody and in the community. 

I worked with transsexual prisoners on the Vulnerable Prisoner Unit  at HMP Leeds, so I KNOW  that the male estate IS fit for purpose for these men. 

When I retired, I thought that my concerns with predatory male sexual offenders was over.  

That was until the MOJ introduced  “self identification” in women’s prisons for male prisoners. 

When I heard that CONVICTED  male prisoners with gender dysphoria and men with autogynephilia, (a male sexual fetish), were self Identifing as “women” and were being transferred to a female estate,  I thought it was a rather unfunny joke. 

When I realised that it wasn’t a joke…. I cried!     I cried A LOT! 

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Protest at HMP & YOI Styal. 29th January 2022 

To herald a number of protests at women’s estates in the UK, led by Keep Prisons Single Sex, 30 women activists from: 

  • Northern RadFem Network
  • Manchester Feminist Network
  • Women’s Rights Network
  • Sheffield Women of Steel
  • Liverpool Resisters
  • Womanchester

Answered the call from across the north of the country and descended onto HMP & YOI Styal with feminist banners, whistles, flags and shield-shaped placards to draw attention to the dangerous policy of allowing male convicts to self-identity as women and enter these estates. 

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The Nine Protected Characteristics of The Equality Act 2010

In the UK, it is unlawful to discriminate against anyone based upon the “nine protected characteristics”. These characteristics are as follows:  

Sex. (In UK law, “sex” is seen as binary, so “sex” refers to a woman OR a man). Sex should never be conflated with “gender”.

Religion and Belief. (This includes any religion, or lack of religion. Belief should refer to any religious or philosophical beliefs and also includes a “lack of belief”).

Sexual orientation. (This refers to whether a person’s sexual attraction is exclusively towards the same sex, both sexes or the opposite sex).

Disability. (This refers to physical and/or mental disabilities that have “a substantial or long term effect” and impact a person’s ability to carry out day to day activities).

Race. (This refers to a person’s race, ethnicity, citizenship, colour , nationality, or national origins).

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Lancaster Pride Protest 2019. We were stating that “lesbians don’t have penises”, in protest of trans women (men), who were/are still, trying to expand and appropriate the word “lesbian” to include themselves in it. This word means female homosexual and we will never let them have it.

Since 2014, organisations and powerful lobbying groups set up for LGBT people, such as Stonewall UK, LGBT umbrella organisations, GLAAD and LGBT Pride events et al, have increasingly neglected LGB needs, causes and interests. They have, during this time, increasingly served and promoted Trans Rights and transgenderism, at the expense of and instead of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Rights.

LGB are sexual orientations, whilst Trans is not a sexual orientation and is focused upon gender and gender identities. (Sex stereotypes).

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Dangerous Sex.

Courts of criminal law in the UK, are excusing men, or reducing their sentences, by blaming deceased women for demanding “rough sex” and BDSM sex games. 59 women in the UK have died, with dangerous sex being used by the male defendants as an excuse.

Books such as 50 Shades of Grey, Bondage Domination Sadism and Masochism (BDSM), and the pornography industry, have opened the floodgates to a tide of misogynistic, sexual abuse and dangerous sexual practices against women.

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